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Atmasfera - Trondheim 2019

Trondheim, Rockheim | October 6

Atmasfera - Oslo 2019

Oslo, Sentralen | October 20

"With your music you touch everything I have deepest inside of my heart, soul, and mind. I've never seen a more powerful music band. I will keep your mood, music, emotions, and atmosphere always in my heart."

Alina Kairiukstyte

Atmasfera Concert 2017


Saturday October 5| Trondheim

Yoga Soundfest is a free mini-festival that combines music with yoga, mindfulness and meditation. We want to create a relaxed space in a hectic everyday life - a joyful day of inner balance and inspiration 🍁


Trondheim's own
yoga & music festival

We start the festival with soothing yoga followed by guided meditation & relaxation with live mantra music. The evening continues with our interactive concert held by the twins Kalindi & Yamuna from ATMASFERA 🎹🧘‍

There will be a pop-up vegetarian café at 19:30, where you will have the opportunity to buy yoga-inspired dinner, snacks + something to drink.


- 16:00 Deep Peace Yoga
- 17:30 Meditation & Relaxation with Live Music
- 18:00 Interactive Concert with Atmasfera
- 19:30 Veggie-Café

"One of the most beautiful moments in my life. Amazing!"

"Thank you so much for a heartwarming experience"

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Intimate Mantra Diving Concert

Tuesday October 8th, 19:00 at Erling Skakkes gate 3

Have a chance to meet indie-yoga band Atmasfera in a more personal way, and enjoy their interactive Mantra Diving concert!

Mantra Diving is a way of immersing yourself in something truly positive & real. Today people really need warmth and something that fills us from inside, help us relax, take off the tensions and rediscover the happiness within our hearts. We do this by using the ancient practice of singing mantras, that carry incredibly powerful energy. These transcendental sound vibrations provide an efficient and simple way to soothe, pacify and reclaim the mind.

This evening will be lead by Atmasfera - a world-music band from Ukraine, currently touring Europe. Don't miss out in this unique and magical experience!

Price: voluntary donation

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Yoga & Music Retreat

October 9-13 | Storbuan Økosamfunn

Together with the inspiring artists of the band Atmasfera, we warmly welcome you to a retreat focused on music, yoga, mantra meditation and vegetarian food. All this in a pleasant atmosphere at the end of the road at scenic Storbuan Økosamfunn.
Dive into the music - and into yourself.

Mantra Diving

Deep peace with soothing yoga sounds

An interactive form of meditation where living music is combined with ancient yoga sounds, or mantra. It is a meditative, relaxing and enjoyable activity - but at the same time the most effective form of meditation.

Hatha Yoga

Profound energy in body & mind

We offer a yoga practice with various postures, breathing techniques & deep relaxation. The yoga system helps us achieve both physical and mental well-being. You may also experience how the combination of breathing and movement reduces any stress and tension.

Beautiful nature

With hiking opportunities right outside the door

The retreat is arranged right by beautiful marshes and lakes among the rolling hills a little east of Løkken Verk.
The program is designed to give you time for walks in the woods & nature.

Vegetarian Food

Enjoy homemade green food

Mantra sounds are nourishing for the soul, but it is also important to provide healthy refills for the body. That's why we offer you a fresh selection of vegetarian and yoga-inspired foods and sweets.

Day Program 

07:00 Meditation & Pranayama
07:30 Hatha Yoga
08:30 Yoga Sound Relaxation
09:30 Brunch

14:00 Music Workshops
16:00 Acoustic Kirtan
17:00 Dinner

19:00 Mantra Diving Concert

The greatest journey is the journey inward

Sign up for retreat

The retreat will be held Wednesday 9 - Sunday 13 October at the Storbuan Økosamfunn, a little south of Trondheim. For 1950kr  you will get vegetarian meals, simple accommodation and all yoga and meditation classes. Write us for more info & sign up!

  • I am lost for words! There’s no way to describe the whole evening, the energy, the love. From the core of my heart I am thankful. Namaste.
  • An amazing job! Great concert! Nice location. Delicious food. Magic music! Thank you!
  • It was perfect. I hope you guys come next year! Looking forward to the mantra evening tomorrow.
  • Magisk deilig hærlig takk!
  • Veldig bra opplegg! High on life.

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